13 original towel rails

13 original towel rails

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 A bar

In this makeshift outdoor bathroom, a thin log placed from wall to wall serves as a towel rail. Towels and other accessories, from H&M Home.

2 Three in one

This Bloomingville model is a chair, a towel rack and an ideal shelf to place cosmetics. Can you ask for more?

3 Large capacity

Ladder type, but twice as wide and with a top shelf that provides extra storage space. This is this towel rack by Car Möbel.

4 Trapeze type

A wooden bar fastened by two ropes to the ceiling becomes an ideal element for hanging towels (those in the image are from H&M Home). Easy to make and cheap!

5 Ladder shaped

You can do it yourself with reclaimed wood logs. Here it provides a rustic note, which contrasts with the refined aesthetics of the rest of the bathroom. The exempt sinks, placed on a flown wooden countertop, are Hi-Macs.

6 What a hook!

Take advantage of the bottom of a flying shelf to place a small bar with hooks. This idea is perfect for toilet towels.

7 Remove and put

In the children's bathrooms, the height of the towel rails must be adapted as the children grow. For this, nothing better than these hooks with suction cup, from Ikea.

8 Made by you

Hold an iron bar with two black ribbons hanging from the ceiling and… voilà! You already have this original towel rail. Towels and accessories, by Marks and Spencer.

9 Adapted to the sink

In this bathroom, the Arkelstorp table envelope has been removed to make it a perfect piece of furniture to put towels. Stabekk mirror, towels and set of three Ackan perfumers. Everything, for sale in Ikea.

10 To save space

This folding towel rail is the best solution. Made of steel, it can be hung on the screen or behind the door without the need for holes and has three levels. It's from La Redoute Interieurs.

11 And besides, it heats up!

If you bet on a radiator-towel rail, like this elegant Fiora model, you will have warm towels whenever you want. The anthracite cabinet in the sink is from the same firm.

12 If your bathroom is mini ...

Bet on an Individual coat rack and a low shelf to store towels. Everything from Primark.

13 With colored beads

Insert them into metal rings and attach them to the wall with a leather hook. The step by step, in the Spoon Fork Bacon blog.