Ideas and tips to decorate small bedrooms

Ideas and tips to decorate small bedrooms

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We have chosen 8 mini bedrooms that we like for their ideas and solutions to take advantage of the space or because they manage to look as beautiful as any worthy suite.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Pastel

Pastel tones add luminosity to a small room. You can copy this beautiful idea from Kenay Home and take your bedroom to the Nordic style to gain visual greatness.

2 Wall storage

If there is no room for auxiliary furniture, use the walls for storage with solid shelves. They can serve as headboard as they have done in this proposal so sweet.


3 Patterned paper Pinterest

Make the headboard wall gain strength over the others with beautiful patterned paper. It will not reduce visual space to the room. Look how beautiful it looks!

Photo: Pinterest

4 Mini and elegant

Another idea to choose to line a wall with patterned paper to give depth to the mini bedroom. And this tiny idea overflows elegance.


5 small apartments

The small apartments can make use of the separations through curtains or walls without necessarily having to close the rooms. Open spaces gain points when it comes to a place of a few square meters.

Photo: Bloglovin

6 In gray tones

If you decide to paint the bedroom in dark tones, keep the balance that will make the bedroom is not reduced entirely through the accessories and furniture in white. This idea is perfect for inspiration.


7 Black and white

When white is predominant, do not be afraid to include black as they have done in this beautiful mini bedroom.

Photo: Pinterest

8 A bedside table

If there is no room for two, a resounding model like this will work. Add natural life: a green leafy plant or artificial flowers will give freshness to the bedroom.

Photo: Pinterest


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