Sleeping between plants ... 20 very green ideas!

Sleeping between plants ... 20 very green ideas!

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Blessed plants ... If it weren't for them, what would those warm and welcoming spaces be like? Although when it comes to comfortable places, the bedroom is the first one that comes to mind, and that's why we give you ideas ... to add some nature to your dreams!

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All matching: the wall, the bed and the floor. Ideal for a bedroom jungle!

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Sometimes there is nothing better than to give unexpected use to that object that we have literally died of laughter. For example, a couple of boxes of bottles in pastel pink as a bedside table.

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If you dream of an exotic destination on your next vacation, why don't you prepare the land with a bedroom like this?

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Plants are always good allies when it comes to the boho-chic style, though ... Why fool us? They are going well with everyone!

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Imagine stretching under a vine that falls sweetly through the window of your bedroom ... And all this, of course, in an extra-large bed full of cushions!

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And of course, very Zen! Because such a bedroom only inspires good vibes and positive energies.

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Art and plants combine luxury, especially if they are as beautiful as these. Worthy of exposure!

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A white background, a black wrought iron bed, golden details, plants, and a puppy that looks at you with tenderness ... Ains!

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It is to enter through the door and make you want to do yoga. The hanging plant is simply perfect!

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Modern rustic

Sometimes like this, a plant is more than enough to give the environment a natural touch.

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A vegetable museum

If you have space to spare, distribute your favorite plants in several shelves and ... you will see what change!

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There is nothing like good plants to give warmth to a Nordic bedroom!

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If you are Sonic Youth and Diane Arbus photos, yours is the indie, but to complete the style, do not forget the plants!

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What will this bedroom have that looks so soft and soft? Ok, the blanket and the carpet have a lot to do, but the plants make it so warm!

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Boho minimalism

Combine minimalism and plants? Simply wonderful.

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With candles

For a relaxed atmosphere, it is best to put some candles next to the plants, but yes, without risk of fire!

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Good vibrations

Clear and concise. The message (and the plants) you need already in your bedroom.

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A Japanese-style bed for a bedroom where natural light reigns alongside plants.

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Glass pots

Well, that is a chic presentation full of beauty for your favorite seedlings. And to show off bedroom!

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Teenage Dream

Do you remember those teenage years when you filled the wall of your bedroom with pictures and posters of magazines? Then recover the custom, and add plants!

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