Are you going to get away? We tell you the best way to pack

Are you going to get away? We tell you the best way to pack

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The problem: Your expected vacation to enjoy September at the bartola just arrived. You get to work to organize the clothes you will need for the trip to Malta, but ... Damn! The suitcase is full and you have not even been able to save half of your things.

The solution: In addition to sitting on top of the pile of clothes and doing strength as if there was no tomorrow (with the possible consequence of bursting the suitcase), our trick to get it is based on three magic words: luggage organizer.

Yes, it exists. Se is a set of cubes made with breathable and very resistant meshes, where you can place all your gear in an orderly and effective way. Come on, they are the ideal option if you don't want to pack all your belongings with paper film (write this trick for future emergencies). We show you the coolest!

Advertising - Read on below 1 Perfection Away

The suitcase signature Away has several sets of cubes to organize luggage, all of them in different colors and sizes They fit perfectly in your suitcases.

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2 beauty products IKEA

Your bath products and accessories They also need order in the suitcase, so ... why don't you use this set of 3 bags of nylon so cute?

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3 Liquids under control IKEA

Let it not be said that you are traveling without your beloved conditioner due to lack of space. With this set of 10 pieces You will have room for all your potingues!

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4 florals Shein

These luggage storage bags They are as useful as they are beautiful! Also, so that there is no confusion, they are indicated those that are for dirty clothes.

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5 Maximum savings The English Court

East pack two plastic bags It is very easy to use: you just have to introduce the clothes, close it with the zip, roll it so that the excess air comes out, and that's it! You can now unwind it again and store it in your suitcase. Further, being transparent you will identify the garments at the moment.

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6 Mountaineers who know Amazon

If you leave camping or hiking in the mountains, you need an organizer that is ultralight, and this set of bags of nylon silicone coated It's great for your backpack. In addition to being raincoats, count on extra zippers that compress the volume.

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7 Like a feather Campz

If you prefer something more light but just as functional, choose these sacks of nylon. They will come in luxury if you go hiking!

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8 For all styles IKEA

Whatever your type of suitcase, you are Organizational bags with different sizes made of 100% polyester, will allow you to have everything in sight.

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9 Fireproof Amazon

Being about cubes raincoats protected from odor, When you return to the house you can bring all your wet and dirty clothes without worries.

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10 Seven Lives Amazon

East set of seven organizational cubes made with nylon and coated with polyester, will protect your luggage from any external damage.

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