Prepare them a little party

Prepare them a little party

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If your child has invited his friends and, in the end, goes half class and everyone does not fit at home, move the party to the nearest park. Limit the area with flag garlands and balloons hanging from the trees so that it is well visible from afar. While the guests are arriving, prepare them some games of those that everyone likes: hide and seek, handkerchief, catches pilla ... They will have a great time, and you and the rest of the parents of the celebration can start set the table. Some paper tablecloths, some resistant child-resistant containers, some delicious sandwiches, soft drinks, the cake ... And as a final touch, everyone to collect the surprise gifts!

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Decorate the community premises or the garden of your house with pennants, balloons and pompoms, and prepare a snack and a party to suit you. If you live in Valencia, Animations Dabaduu offers customized shows tailored to the little ones: songs, dances, costumes, games, artistic makeup, balloon twisting, magic ... Your team of professionals moves to private homes or places of celebration so that the most little ones enjoy and the older ones have a break. Find out about all its services on its website.

Rich fruit for kids!

Tangerine Cones: Ice creams seem, but they are not. Introduce them to the fruit so that it enters their eyes, like these cones with mandarin segments inside. Take them to the table in some planters lined with paper napkins, from Guáimaro.

Materials: Paper napkins, covers pots and ice cream cones.

Organize a themed party

If you want to organize a party for your son for his birthday, end of year or because this year he makes the first communion and you don't know very well where to start, we suggest you go to the blog Celebrate with Ana and you will surely find inspiration!

Being a mother of 4 children has led Ana to test her ingenuity when inventing a party. Since 2012, he shares his good ideas in his blog with everyone who visits him. She takes care of everything from the signage to the decoration through the pastry. And so their thematic parties arise: space, cowboys or, like the one in the photo, baptized Gonzalo's farm, in which nothing is missing. A whole discovery! //

Appetizing sugar flowers

Place some mini sugar violets on the tablecloth, which are used to decorate cakes and cupcakes. Surely these will not last even half a minute!

Materials: White biondas and sugar flowers (for sale in patisseries).

Tasty popcorn cones

With white lace, make some packets and fill them with popcorn. Tie a rope between two trees and hang them. Blond and mini clamps, from Søstrene Grene.

Materials: White lace and tweezers.

Give them candy bracelets

Who resists a sweater bracelet? As you will have to pierce the center to join them with elastic thread, choose the soft ones: clouds, jelly beans, blackberries ... And if they are gluten-free or sugar, better; everyone can eat them, even if they have some intolerance.

Materials: Assorted sweets and elastic tape or thread.

Costumes and traditional games

Children love putting on makeup and dressing up because it makes them live multiple adventures. That is well known by the animators of MikoFiesta in Madrid who, specialized in weddings and communions at home, will paint the faces of the little ones according to the theme of the party, will make them locate a hidden treasure full of chocolate coins for which they find! or participate in fun yincanas of lifelong games (sack races, ring game, burst balloons ...).

Let the kids be hosts for a day

If you are going to celebrate your birthday at home, let them participate in the party preparations. It will be fun to make the guest list together, but let them be the ones who fill in the invitations, with enough time to distribute them among their classmates and parkmates.
On the same day of the party, choose one apron each and encourage them to be kitchen skewers when preparing snacks and varied sandwiches. And as icing, make the cake as a family, even if they only put the final ornaments. They will feel useful and you will have made your day unforgettable.

Parties to sing and dance

What child does not like to move the skeleton? Prepare them a party in style with songs and choreographies that they will have to learn and defend. They will have a great time dancing!

That is what the monitors of the Tempranito Fiesta team in Madrid offer. Graduates in Early Childhood Education, they know very well how to entertain the little ones. They also have workshops, magic games and cooperatives, yincanas and small plays. Find out in

Prepare them a yummy snack

Children get food through their eyes; Therefore, if you want them to leave empty plates, try to present the snack as attractive as possible. How about some dinosaur-shaped sandwiches or rich lollipops with flowers, hearts or balls?

Garlands, plates, glasses, molds, displays, balloons, paper straws or fun containers for desserts and sweets; Like these Push up Pops (€ 1 each), this is what you will find in the online store, a real paradise where you will find everything you need to make your children's party a real success.

Creative workshops for all tastes

If in addition to fun you want your children to learn, find them a workshop where they develop their creativity.

From cupcakes, crafts or adventure are some of the workshops organized by Barcelona Petit Explorer. The monitors move to the place of the party or the families where the workshop takes place. Find out about Toca touches animals, in which they bring exotic species to children.


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