A flat in 50 m2

A flat in 50 m2

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Advertising - Read on below 1 Living Area

Equipped with a sofa, decorator design. The ground fiber poufs are from Canterano. In the background, the kitchen.

2 Original coffee table

Made with four piles of magazines like legs and on top a large glass envelope. The floor lamp, the silk cushions and the large wooden mirror are from Canterano.

3 The dining room

It is decorated with an extensible teak table, chairs with raw upholstery, lamp with iron foot, Lux, and custom-made ceiling lamp, all in Canterano.

4 Light solutions

As the kitchen is small, instead of installing a conventional door, a glass slide was chosen, which provides amplitude, in addition to gaining light.

5 In the kitchen

To enhance the light, a frameless window was created, which visually communicates kitchen and living room and prevents odors from happening.

6 Exotic bedroom

Bamboo wall paper, bed-tatami, bedside tables and table lamps, all comes from Canterano.

7 Bath

Clad in beige marble, except on the shower floor, where gresite, from Tiles Peña was chosen. The steel basins and the eastern trunk, both in Canterano.


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