Gain space in your bedroom using furniture with ingenuity

Gain space in your bedroom using furniture with ingenuity

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Let's assume it, one of the things children need most is space To play and develop your imagination. And what better area of ​​the house than your bedroom? Why The place where they rest every night is also their study and leisure corner, and so They need furniture that allows them to get the most out of it.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Hidden bed Menamobel

The folding beds They are a great option to make the most of the room space. During the day it will blend in with the wall as if it were a closet, and at night it will become your resting place. From Menamobel.

2 The perfect hiding place IKEA

The little students of the house will find in this structure with bunk bed and desk Your desired corner to study calmly. And when they want to disconnect from homework, they will have all the world's space in the room! From IKEA.

3 'Two brothers' Menamobel

Optimizing space when it comes to just one is not easy, so with two the task gets complicated, that's why you need a module like this that integrates bunk and cabinets! From Menamobel.

4 Three in one Menamobel

Bed, desk with wheels and closet at the same time. Perfect for the little ones to have all their things on hand while enjoying a large playground around. From Menamobel.

5 Little Great Princess Micky's room

If your girl is a fan of pastel colors, this Powdered pink nest bed It will go directly to your wish list. The safety railing will ensure that you sleep peacefully without worries, and the storage space under the mattress It is ideal for storing your sheets and blankets. From Micky's room.

6 sweet dreams Menamobel

Other bunk bed with drawers and a shelf, so that two little sisters sleep at ease every night with all their things in order. From Menamobel.

7 Welcome to creativity Micky's room

If you are looking for a desk that does not take up much space in your room but at the same time is functional, this cube-based structure It will look great in your bedroom. From Micky's room.

8 Passion Red Menamobel

Is nest bed has another mattress underneath for when your friends come to sleep at home, and includes a collection of furniture with matching colors to have everything under control. From Menamobel.


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