The plans you can't miss this summer according to Pinterest

The plans you can't miss this summer according to Pinterest

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If you want to become the best host of this vacation, Pinterest It will be your tool to achieve it. And is that the social network It is the most faithful reflection of the trends that devastate, not only in fashion, recipes or decoration, but also in summer plans! For example, More than 192% of users have recently searched for parties to contemplate the stars, Y more than 171% have done it on flavored water bars. Do you dare to know the rest of the activities that will make you succeed this summer?

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Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Take the party to the beach Pinterest

If your house has no garden or terrace, and you want to take advantage of the good weather, Take the party somewhere else! The beach is a great option, but the forest can be an extremely magical environment.

2 Organize a summer picnic Pinterest

Grill, seafood, pecking healthy… The options are endless, it's just about finding out the preferences of your guests, and voila!

3 Outdoor cinema Pinterest

The movie and blanket plans are great for winter or rainy days, but when the weather is good, nothing fancy more than a outdoor movie session!

4 Set up a bar of flavored waters Pinterest

If you want to organize one alcohol free partyride a flavored waters bar and surprise your friends by combining various fruits and vegetables.

5 A party to contemplate the stars Pinterest

One of the trends that is sweeping the most on Pinterest, is to celebrate parties to contemplate the stars. You sign up?

6 Make giant cocktails Pinterest

If you are going to organize one cocktail party, prepare large jugs with each combination and so you can enjoy the party without being aware of the kitchen.

7 Make ice cream sandwiches Pinterest

Instead of the ham and cheese classics, these ice cream sandwiches They will leave you with your mouth open (and wanting more).

8 Celebrate a beer party Pinterest

Blonde, toast, black, ipa ... Select your beers favorites and mount your own Oktober Fest! summer!

9 Organize a bruschetta bar Pinterest

Another of the trends that are peting on Pinterest, is to organize a bruschetta Pub. What does it consist of? Very simple: place a buffet-style table with lots of different foods and condiments so your guests can make their own mixes. You will save a lot of time in the kitchen!

10 Organize a home camping for kids Pinterest

If you have lived a rainy summer, do not despair! Take the tents... and ride them inside the house! You will see how well the kids have fun.


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