A minimalist apartment in Calpe

A minimalist apartment in Calpe

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A small apartment of 40 m², located in the Alicante municipality of Calpe, was completely transformed after the intervention of the architecture studio V + M Arquitectos. With privileged views of the sea and the rock of Ifach, the height - a sixth floor - gave it light and a pleasant feeling of openness to the outside that needed to be enhanced.

The main objective of the reform was the search for a contemporary, neutral and timeless architecture and simple lines in both finishes and furniture, where spatial continuity gave way to privileged views.

How was it achieved? Pablo Vázquez and Paola Manzana, V + M Arquitectos, were clear: less is more.

The layout of the spaces is rational: a square floor with a main living-dining space, with integrated mini kitchen. The whole atmosphere extends and connects with the outside through a large terrace. The apartment also has two compartmentalized and private spaces, the master bedroom and the bathroom.

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The fair pieces, the simple lines and the light mark this project in which the protagonist is a central space that welcomes the living room, the dining room and the kitchen in a small space but with the highest possible performance.

The coffee tables are simple and low rise. The dark floor is the perfect canvas for the blank brushstrokes that the furniture puts.


The kitchen has been projected in three modules, with simple lines and integrated appliances, in white.

The sofa rests on the wall and between it and the kitchen a folding table. Extended is the dining room!


The spaces follow each other with hardly any visual barriers and the light leads to each environment. All with the same simple aesthetic.

Open kitchen

The reform, designed by V + M Arquitectos, involves creating a kitchen area that integrates perfectly into the living room. His furniture had to maintain the general aesthetic line; Black and white minimalism.

Faucet Detail

Detail of the kitchen faucet, rounded spout.


Next to the kitchen, a folding table as a dining room, but also acts as an extra support surface.

Other view

With the dining table open and towards the kitchen. How much comfort!

Open and close dining room

And never better said! Open and close because the dining room has been solved with a folding table, located between the kitchen and the living room, next to the sofa. It is also an extra support surface essential when the kitchen is mini.


The bathroom has been designed according to the needs of the owner, making a redistribution of the most functional space.

The old bathtub has been replaced by a shower and a new storage and washing space has been incorporated, both behind a translucent glass partition, which delimits the areas.

Coatings and mirror

The coverings used are two-tone porcelain tiles and a running mirror on the sink that in turn conceals a built-in storage cupboard.

Play of light

Lighting always influences decoration.

In a false ceiling, an indirect linear light that helps increase the visual sensation of amplitude.

Nordic Notes

As for the interior design of the V + M Arquitectos apartment, a Nordic style has been chosen in which white and neutral colors such as gray prevail, with the aim of maximizing the brightness of all rooms, increasing the amplitude of spaces and convey a visual sensation of sobriety and elegance.

Decorative complements with black and white geometric patterns provide the necessary contrast.


Premium comfort in the management of the elements of the apartment.