How to have a nice laundry area

How to have a nice laundry area

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Surely when you think of a laundry room, you imagine a space of white or gray tones, with no more life than the machine turns at full speed. And it is that as a general rule, seeing the laundries that you can find in the city, it is logical that you think like this ... But when it comes to creating your own space for washing, drying and ironing the clothes in a house, the tables change, because you have the control! So Take note of these ideas, and you'll see how your perception of laundry changes.

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Wicker baskets, plants, and even cushions! This rustic-style laundry chic It is perfect for laundry in a cozy environment.

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Dual purpose

On the one hand, laundry. On the other hand, a shower to clean your pet. And all thanks to the intelligent use of vertical spaces!

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Three colors

White, pink and blue. Three very cool colors to decorate the laundry area with sweetness.

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Big time

If you have plenty of space, take advantage of it by placing wall-to-wall cabinets. And if you decorate the room in white colors, you will expand it even more visually.

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In addition to choosing beautiful colors, it will also be great if you have it neatly arranged, and to get it ... Nothing better than a shelf with cute baskets, and a space to hang clothes!

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Beautiful wood

As pretty as natural. A laundry area with wood as the protagonist is a sure hit!

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If you want to get a radically different laundry area from the rest, dare to fill it with colors, choose a striking wallpaper, and don't forget the carpet!

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In white

Wide and bright, this will be your laundry area if you decide to decorate it in white.

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Power wallpaper

The fastest, easiest and most efficient way to move from one bland laundry area to another with grace and style, is to choose a wallpaper with cheerful motifs, and if possible, with color.

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Pastel and dusty colors

If you want the laundry area to be cozy and very sweet, decorate it with pastel or dusty colors. You will notice the difference!

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