A 32m2 apartment fully exploited

A 32m2 apartment fully exploited

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Chinese society is changing. The concept of several generations of the same family living under the same roof is being left behind and young people begin to become independent before their parents, facing the problem of not finding housing that suits their needs. This was what happened to a couple who bought a flat in Hong Kong of 32 square meters designed for a family and divided into several rooms.

The JAAK study came to his aid and decided to face the reform that would achieve the home of his dreams. The first step was to tear down all the partitions, leaving the diaphanous space. Then they went on to design several wooden furniture as they delimited the different rooms and served as a desk, cabinets, shelves, furniture for television and a place to hide appliances.

Throughout the floor they used the same wood so that the final product was as clean as possible and the space was visually wider. They created a corridor to give access to the bedroom by way of engawa, the exterior area similar to the porches that can be seen in traditional Japanese constructions, and that serves to increase the light and as a resting place thanks to the wide hollows of the windows that can be used as benches. The result? A small but very functional habitat, adapted to the needs of its owners and their budget.

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This 32 m2 flat in Hong Kong was divided into several rooms, making it claustrophobic. The JAAK studio knocked down its interior to open the spaces and start from scratch.


The JAAK studio designed several wooden furniture to separate the rooms and meet the needs of the couple.

Applied Boys

In this front of closets have reserved a space that serves as a desk and communicates visually with the room. A curtain allows intimacy to both spaces if necessary.

Great capacity

Instead of partitions they placed cabinets, giving the floor a lot of storage space.

They have wood

They used the same wood throughout the apartment so that the result was very clean and visually expanded. This wooden front contains two closets and a surprise ...

Hidden bathroom

The door that gives access to the bathroom is camouflaged.

Know how to take advantage

The bathroom, small in size, has been taken full advantage.

Everything fits

The upper part of the cabinets has been used to place boxes.

Do a lot with little

The owner couple had a tight budget for the reform. Wooden cabinets were a good resource to fit him.

Minimalist kitchen

The kitchen is in the kitchen and has a U-shaped closet space and this front.

Enter with good foot

View of the apartment from the entrance.

All connected

In the background, the kitchen and, in the foreground, the dining area.

Minimal art

The art was commissioned to a graphic design studio that has created a series of prints inspired by four films: Apollo 13, Contact, Interstellar Y 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Living room

The lounge area is in front of the dining room.

Revisited Tradition

The designers wanted to create a corridor by way of engawa Japanese with these closets that, in turn, divide the bedroom from the rest of the house.

Reading corner

The window openings were so deep that they can be used as benches.

Interior window

View of the kitchen from the bedroom. The bed was custom designed to place storage space under it.


32m2 floor plan before the reform, divided into a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms.


The apartment after the reform. You can see how the partition walls and custom-made cabinets were removed, with the functions each one has.