A 45m2 apartment with loft airs

A 45m2 apartment with loft airs

In the Marais, one of the most effervescent neighborhoods in central Paris, a couple in their thirties had decided to bet on a 42 square meter apartment located in a palace of the late eighteenth century. Although the size was not very large, the previous owners of this house had divided it into several rooms and the partitions compressed the space more. The objective to achieve with the reform was to "create in these 42 square meters a space for a couple of active and dynamic young people to live," says Maureen Karsenty, the interior designer responsible for this project, which adds: "My philosophy rests on the creation of contemporary, elegant and warm spaces, while enhancing the essence of the original architecture. "

The essence of this floor He found it by scratching the wall: a typical stone wall of the constructions of the faubourgs Parisians which gave him the idea of ​​creating a habitat inspired by lofts. The whole space was demolished (even the chimney, which, unfortunately, was impossible to rescue, and with what 3 more square meters were achieved, "a luxury in Paris," he explains). On this level tabula, the interior designer drew a large space shared by the living room and the open kitchen with a bar as a dining room, a bathroom and a bedroom with dressing room, separated from the rest by an iron window partition, inspired by industrial workshops.

The reform was completed in three months and its decoration in one. "The selection of furniture, lamps and accessories compensates for the sobriety of this floor," says Maureen who has filled its interior with pieces vintage and new creations of delicate lines, velvets and touches of bright colors like mustard and blue Klein, like the wallpaper that acts as a headboard in the bedroom.

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A couple bought an old apartment located in the Parisian Marais to begin the next stage of their life.

Tear down walls

The interior designer Maureen Karsenty was in charge of converting it into a habitat that adapts to her needs of active and dynamic young people.


The interior designer decided to expose and strengthen the stone wall, typical of the buildings in the area.


To compensate for the hardness of the stone wall, the furniture was chosen from friendly lines and delicate textures, such as velvet.

Contemporary look

On a piece of furniture in the living room, a portrait of the model Kate Moss with a golden lamp.

To share is to live

The living room shares a space of 27 square meters with a large kitchen, located just in front of the stone wall.

Loft airs

The stone wall inspired the interior designer, who decided to bet on the look of loft industrial mixed with the Parisian style.

Interior window

A semi-open partition connects the living room-kitchen with the bedroom.

Open minded

In this way it was possible to enhance the light and connect the spaces, making them visually wider.

Fall into your networks

Detail of the lamps of metallic net of the living room.

Color palette

Being a small and very connected space, the same color palette was used for the living room and for the bedroom.

Starring role

In the bedroom, as a headboard, wallpaper Printed Cork 3D, from Nobilis.


Mustard and blue color predominate Klein.


The bedroom has hidden closets to free up the space and free the circulation space.

Open kitchen

One of the walls of the living room was reserved to place the kitchen.

Depth of field

The black color of its closets gives depth to the space and visually expands it.

A good team

By keeping it open and expanding it, Maureen achieved a lot of space to include work and storage areas.

Eat at home

On the island a high bar was placed to be used as a dining room.

White bathroom

Carrara marble covers the walls and floor of the bathroom.

Straight lines

The furniture in straight lines brings volume to the space without recharging it.

Change the pattern

While large pieces of marble were chosen for the floor, the shower has been lined with small hexagons.

Light bath

The color white and marble were chosen to give luminosity to the bathroom.


At the entrance was the kitchen before. Now the room occupies it.


This partition was replaced by another semi-open window.

Before Before Before

The chimney could not be saved. By removing it, an extra space of 3 square meters was achieved.

Before Before

View of the bathroom before.