Tricks to save on moving

Tricks to save on moving

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Small details, great benefits
There are a number of things that with the stress of a move can be overlooked, but that will save you some money.

Choice of month and day. If you hire a company, the most expensive months to move are June, July, August and September. Avoid the beginning and end of the month, as prices rise and, if possible, do it on daily days and not on weekends.
Take advantage of the space. Companies charge for the volume of packages they move, so take advantage of furniture and luggage drawers and fill them with items that do not break, such as clothing. Unsubscribe or change ownership of services such as water, gas or electricity, and that in many cases it is required to notify one month in advance. If not, you can find bills from two houses.

Sell ​​what you don't take. Good because you don't like them, because you don't need it anymore or because they don't fit you in your new home, it's time to get rid of many things. Put them up for sale online or in thrift stores. You will get some money!

Do you need professionals?

The biggest expense is in hiring a moving company. If for lack of time or comfort you decide to go to one of them, compare several budgets. A cheaper option is to rent a van and make the transfer yourself.

Time to pack

Moving companies offer this service, but if you pack yourself you will save a lot of money.

Take the opportunity to get rid of everything you do not use, because they will charge you by volume. Get free boxes in supermarkets, businesses in your neighborhood or asking them to someone who has just moved.

Security before everything

Evaluate well the need to take out insurance. Many times, to save us a few euros, the move can be too expensive for us. Whenever the company packs the belongings, you will be able to agree a remuneration in case of rupture. But also in house damage when moving furniture, such as rubbing the wall or scratches on the wooden floor; Very important aspect if you are renting in a house and want to recover the deposit.


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