A flat of 80 m² now bright and spacious

A flat of 80 m² now bright and spacious

Angelica Heras

A few tweaks and knowledge in the matter of your owner, Beatriz Silveira, owner of the Batik Interiors decoration shop, were enough to reform this apartment of 80 m2, located in the Madrid town of Pozuelo de Alarcón. The biggest change was made in the kitchen, which was expanded by subtracting space from the clothesline, to create a practical office. With this, in addition to providing the kitchen with more square meters, it was possible to enhance the natural light in the room.

In this way the kitchen and the dining room were integrated in the same space, thanks to the partial opening of the partition that separated the two areas before carrying out the reform. In the space destined to be there was a low piece of furniture, which houses the TV, and whose length of 2.10 m coincides with the partition wall of the spaces. The rest of the house, consisting of the master bedroom, the bathroom and the guest room, was left as is since its owner did not require major changes.

The touch of innovation came from the hand of decoration, according to the tastes of its owner. To do this, he chose simple pieces, with a predominance of straight lines and wood as the main material. Most of them, of course, from the owner's own store or street markets. The walls, painted in stone color, and the floor of smoked oak flooring, in a lama format, they gave the house a pleasant feeling of spaciousness, luminosity and warmth, making it a very comfortable space.

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A large window with sliding door presides over this spacious, bright and comfortable living room, thanks to the right choice of furniture and the white of the walls, only interrupted by strategic touches of color. Coffee table, wooden chairs, sofa, chaise longue and carpet, from Batik. Chrome floor lamp, from yesterday's trades. Cushions made with fabrics from Gastón and Daniela.

Vintage decor

Vintage chest of drawers, from Madrid in Love. Black Flexo acquired in a Paris market. Bottle and tibor, from Antennae.

Lounge open to dining room

The terrace, former clothesline, initially elongated, shortened its length to give it to the kitchen and create a office next to her, big enough to accommodate four people. White blinds sift the light and protect from the sun that enters through the door and the window. Stackable chairs of the Eames, of Vitra.

Natural dining room

Wooden table, Batik Interiors.

Kitchen and living room in parallel Angelica Heras

A partial partition is the separating element between the living room and the kitchen. The length of the wall was adapted to the size of the TV cabinet in front of the sofa, attached to the wall. Kílim de Batik Interiors.

Paintings with solera

The walls, free of ornaments, are only decorated by some paintings supported by them; This is the case of this advertising poster of the 50s, which rests on the partition, or the sheet of Chillida, on the dresser. Original movie poster of the movie Margarita Gautier, purchased at an auction on ine. Reproduction of Eduardo Chillida, in Brocar.

Seating area

In the space destined to be there was a low piece of furniture, which houses the TV, and whose length of 2.10 m coincides with the partition wall of the spaces. Low furniture, model Ethnicraft, of Batik Interiors.

Bright corner for the dining room

The dining room was located next to the door that communicates with the terrace, which gains in luminosity and allows ventilation. Only the oven, embedded in a column, remembers the presence of the kitchen. Red ceiling lamp, Batik Interiors.

Total kitchen look

Distributed in a single front and immaculate white, the kitchen hides cupboards and drawers thanks to its design without handles. The wooden table and the lamp are the only color elements that contrast with the purity of the wall and the kitchen furniture. Design chairs point to the game in white. Kitchen designed by Batik Interiors and made by Line 3.

Rest zone

The master bedroom is characterized, like the rest of the house, for its simplicity. Only formed by a double bed, which highlights the upholstered headboard, a retro armchair and an aged dresser. Headboard, armchair, bedside table and chest of drawers, Batik Interiors. Pink Blanket, from Ezcaray Blankets. Blue patterned cushion, by Gastón and Daniela; and in green, from Batik.

The bedroom bathroom

Next to the bedroom, the bathroom is the only room in the house that changes the floor of the floor to marble. A sliding door separates the sink, embedded in a countertop, also made of marble, from the bathtub and the toilet. The elongated chest of drawers, at ground level, offers ample storage space.

Guest room

A bed with a divan structure, a simple table, made with borriquetas and glass top, and a chair facing the window form the discreet guest room. A composition of paintings and mirrors on a wall is the only decorative license of the room. Chair, bed, stairs and mirrors, Batik Interiors. Carpet acquired on a trip to Tangier.

Plane and ideas

- The sliding blades They give a lot of play in small rooms, both in closets and in entrance doors, because they do not subtract space like traditional ones. Therefore, this bathroom has chosen to install one.
- Opt for the essential furniture, few but well chosen. As in the bedroom: with the bed, a dresser and an armchair the problem of space was solved. The walls, in light tones, provide breadth.
- If you have a large window, as in the case of the bedroom, place an armchair next to him. It will be your great ally in reading hours. A pouf will allow you to keep your legs up. And when you don't use it, hide it under the chair.