How to prevent your cat from destroying the sofa

How to prevent your cat from destroying the sofa

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Blanca del Río

You want it (and a lot). However, it is able to get you out of all your boxes every time you see it enjoying while sharpening your nails on the sofa upholstery. We are sorry to tell you that this behavior is completely normal in these animals. In addition to sharpening them, something they need to do in a biological way, they mark their territory. They are animals! You will get little with a scolding, because your cat will run and return when you are not. To avoid this problem, there are solutions. Take note.

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Cut the cat's nails

When they are young, marking the territory is a social act regarding feline behavior. Especially if they are vertical areas. In addition, you need to meet the need to sharpen your nails. If you have them too long, cut them or take your trusted veterinarian to do so. The older the cat, the more you should keep this in mind. At an older age, they cease their activity and stop sharpening their nails themselves.

Don't scold him

It is not an act of rebellion, you need to do it. Stopping their activity could even cause psychological problems to your cat and see them in their behavior. For this, it is necessary to develop another plan.

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Provide toys and feline marking towers

In them you will not only have a great time and be more entertaining, but you will end up locating your place there to scratch your nails. Although each cat is a world, it does not hurt to have these elements at home that will get your attention and make you forget the sofa.

Blanca del Río

Solutions so that the cat does not scratch the sofa

Cover the sofa with thick enough covers or with plastic interiors at the bottom (not in the cushion area), fasten them with rubber bands under the sofa so that you cannot scratch it underneath or use thick Arab-style jaws will make your nails not Get to the tissue.

You can use some pieces of foil. For cats, this type of paper is very unpleasant so you can place it in those areas most damaged by the nails so that when they notice it, it is annoying and desist in their wrongdoing.

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One way to deter the cat from his misdeeds is to use a little water with a vaporizer. He will associate this annoying act for him every time he scratches the sofa and will end up giving up. Of course, be careful with the intensity and use it indiscriminately: you can hurt it.

And, of course, do not reward him shortly after scratching the sofa or associate it with a positive act.

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