Covers knitted pots

Covers knitted pots

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As you know, thick fabrics are an essential accessory at home, whether for pillows, blankets or plaids, but have you ever thought about using textiles to decorate your pots?

These magnificent baskets-woven-hand-made by Anne Weil are made with merino wool, and with double thread, so they are twice as thick, making them more robust to keep them standing.

And although they are great with plants, they can actually be filled with whatever you want. In addition they add texture and warmth to any environment, these knit baskets will also be ideal as storage containers in the living room or bedroom.

Anne, who shows her wonderful creations in her blog Flax & Twine, says: "The structure of the baskets come a bit from the weight of the thread and the stitches themselves, in addition to the double thickness of the fabric."

The best part is that Anne has made these baskets with her own arms. For anyone who wants to recreate this impressive knit basket, Anne has her own kits in her online store and has the point pattern available for download.

Meanwhile, if you want to start practicing the point made with your arms, follow this step-by-step guide to make a fake sheepskin blanket.

Photos: Anne Weil Of Flax & Twine

Via: House Beautiful US


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