A shop converted into a home

A shop converted into a home

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Marta and Jordi were delighted to live in Sarrià, a neighborhood so quiet that it looks like a town within Barcelona, ​​with streets and small squares, many green areas and modernist buildings. That is why, when they wanted to find a house in which to settle permanently with their two daughters, the idea of ​​looking outside it did not occur to them. Among the properties they visited, one especially caught their attention, but it caused them the great doubt of knowing if they could live there. The property in question was a commercial premises of 150 square meters that had been a candy store and was in quite bad condition.

To clarify their ideas they decided to go to the GDR study and ask them about the viability of the project. These experts in reforms made such a good proposal that they immediately bought the place to get to work. To adapt it to them, the first thing they did was tear down everything that could be demolished. In this process, upon removing the roof of the hurdle, they discovered beautiful vaults that had remained hidden and that they wanted, not only to integrate, but to become protagonists of the result.

Both furniture and finishes are simple and natural. They emphasize (from sobriety) the wood, the white color and the straight lines of the pieces made to measure or of Nordic style. The new spaces are open and fluid, connected by means of sliding barn-style doors. On the outside, the wood also makes an appearance, forming a patio at several heights that saves the great existing slope. Seeing the result, nobody would say that this house was not like this before.


Other premises converted into houses:

- Bye, office. Hello home

- An old oil mill that today is a country house

- A converted home office

- A restored barn overlooking a valley

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This 150 square meter apartment in the Sarrià neighborhood used to be a candy store. The GDR study made this change.

New use

View of the living room from the floor.

Open spaces

Living room, dining room and kitchen share the same space.


Straight lines, white and wood.


A sila serves to delimit the kitchen and create a dining area with bar.


When removing the hurdle from the ceiling they discovered some vaults that they integrated in the project.

More wood

They installed sliding wooden doors.


With white cabinets and custom designed headboard.


Also in white and with wooden cupboard.

Exit Gallery

A reading corner was created.


The exterior had a large slope, so a wooden stand was created to save it and take advantage of the space.


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