An apartment without artifice

An apartment without artifice

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Having clear ideas helps to successfully solve a project and the couple who was going to enjoy this rental apartment knew what the objective was: to get a comfortable and simple home that they could decorate with taste without making a large investment. His intention was that all furniture be versatile, so that they could adapt to another house in the future. To meet these requirements it was essential to have a neutral base rich in nuances. Thus, the pieces fit together.

The room was the room that presented more problems initially due to its small size. With the idea of ​​creating a serene, contemporary and full of comfort environment, the dining room was located in an adjoining room, giving up all the space to be. This one sand conceived as an environment to share, with three seating areas arranged in U and facing the terrace, an extension of the meeting area. The absence of unnecessary furniture and luminosity confer breadth.

All rooms have auxiliary parts that are arranged in the space according to the needs. Alone in the bedroom priority was given to storage with a large capacity closet on a whole front. The palette of neutral and white tones gains intensity through the combination of noble materials, such as wood, with natural textiles, materialized in linen or velvet. A choice that guides the project and brings coherence and harmony to the whole.

Advertising - Keep reading under The terrace

It is chill out and dining room because of the versatility of the pieces that decorate it. The legs of the coffee table are extended until the right height is reached and the benches can accommodate several guests. The treated outdoor pine furniture is a design of the owners. Rectangular cushions and mattresses are from Atelier Miki Beumala. The rest of cushions, in Lu Ink.

Minimal concept in the lounge

With the elimination of large volume furniture in the living room it was possible to gain breadth in a space of small dimensions and extend it towards the terrace through the window. Sofa, by Atelier Miki Beumala. Cushions, by Lu Ink. Parenthesis lamps, for sale in Cado.

Flexible distribution

Two circular poufs and a wooden box are used as auxiliary supports and allow redistributing the space in a few minutes depending on the needs. The harmony of neutral tones gives unity to each of the objects. Wooden box, by Lu Ink. Poufs, for sale in Francisco Cumellas.

A touch of glamor

In order not to reduce space in the living room, the dining room was located in an adjoining room. The couple that lives on this floor wanted a simple, minimalist atmosphere, but with a touch of sophistication, with designer pieces, such as the Butterfly leather armchair. Carpet, from the Los Tigres chain. Armchair, from Cado.

Design wink

A trio of marked vintage inspiration stars in this corner by the window and energizes the rest of the decoration with a combination of textures. The leather armchair, the auxiliary module in wood and the spotlight in wrought iron provide the strength of the industrial design. Floor lamp, for sale in Cado.

Reserved space for the dining room

Bathed in natural light and facing the terrace, the dining room occupies a separate room. Brushstrokes of different styles draw this space of marked personality. Mesa, Last Stop. Marset lamp. Chairs, for sale in Apriori. On the table: bag, for sale in the Filocolore store.

Warehouse area

Behind the door was placed an industrial-style metal shelf that occupies the entire wall. It contains both books and crockery since the table, two meters long, is used for eating and as a work surface.

A kitchen in white and steel

They are the finishes chosen for the kitchen. The furniture is a personal design that leaves the upper part clear of furniture. The wooden floor also continues in the kitchen, protected in the passage areas by a pair of round carpets. Appliances and hood, from Balay. Carpets, by Francisco Cumellas.

Details in the kitchen

Kitchen towels, from Habitat. Glasses, for sale in Ikea.

Main bedroom

The bedroom maintains the same guidelines as the rest of the interior design: neutral base tones, wood and natural textiles. The picture on the wall becomes a sign of identity. Wardrobe by Ikea. Coffee tables by Pilma. Table lamp model Tolomeo, Artemide.

Natural materials

The bed was placed in the center of the bedroom. On both sides, polished wood logs serve as bedside tables. The windows throughout the house are dressed in the same upholstery: chocolate brown linen to protect the rooms from the abundant natural light.

In the bathroom all white

In the bathroom the lack of color is the main feature. Toilet, bidet and sink are distributed online. The shower, on site, is located opposite. Sanitary, of Roca. Orange basket and rhinoceros trophy on the wall, by Lu Ink. Towels, from Filocolore.