A 50 meter floor that looks like many more

A 50 meter floor that looks like many more

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Enjoy stunning views: from this house in Zaragoza you can see the Basilica del Pilar. The location cannot be better, however, it was a very old property that had to be updated with good facilities and new finishes. The interior designer Noelia Villalba, from interioristazaragoza.es, is responsible for the reform and decoration.

The furniture was designed by the white decorator with oak countertop, such as the pavement. www.interioristazaragoza.es BEFORE: The floor, practically rectangular and with only three windows, was very divided into small rooms. A long corridor served as a distributor, so the spaces were impractical, insufficient size, and quite dark. www.interioristazaragoza.es At a glance: living room and kitchen. Behind this, the bathroom, and in the background, the office from which you access the master bedroom. www.interioristazaragoza.es

MImprovement of insulations. The bulk of the work focused on strengthening them and installing a heating system and a low consumption boiler.

Out walls! Partitions were also demolished to make a large shared space that includes entrance, dining room, kitchen and living room. The private area consists of a bathroom and two rooms: the master bedroom, equipped with a built-in wardrobe, and also a second bedroom converted into an office, smaller in size, connected to the first.


Light box. The important thing was that the light was reflected and the feeling of amplitude was greater, that is why the white color has been used in walls and doors, lacquered of the same color. In addition, the floor in wide slats, by Haro, unifies the environments and connects with the finishes.

Dining for two. www.interioristazaragoza.es


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