Mel Gibson's house ... In the jungle

Mel Gibson's house ... In the jungle

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Surrounded by lush vegetation, howler monkeys and ocelots, this spectacular house (with private beach) could be the best place to live, or so says the Happy Planet Index. It is located in the paradise of Costa Rica, a versatile country that stands out for the green of its forests and the greenish blue of its crystalline beaches. If you want to know the name of this wonderful place ... it is called Barrigona Beach and it has three residences, two guest houses and the main hacienda. For a sweet bath you can opt for one of the three pools that the enclave has and then relax with a glass of wine in your hand while you get lost in the infinite sea and jungle.

Mel Gibson has a slight inclination towards the most romantic enclaves, his residences around the world are a clear example of this. After seeing the photographs, we understand the reason for your choice, this residence in Costa Rica is the ideal hiding place to forget worldly concerns and recover the connection with nature and oneself.

The price has dropped from 35 to 29.75 million dollars.

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