All in one: a mini flat in New York

All in one: a mini flat in New York

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Small, very functional and 100% New York. This is the study we visited today. Located in Chelsea, an old industrial neighborhood converted into one of the most artistic and vibrant areas of the city, this stop is perfect for those who want to know New York as a native. In fact, it is the home of Charmain, a fashion designer born in the Big Apple who for work is constantly traveling the world and who rents it through the portal Lto my cousins' house.

The house has the right and necessary. Upon entering, we receive a space shared by the bedroom, the living room and a study area. Each space is clearly delimited, but the set looks coherent thanks to the use of the same color palette, in which white, black and gray abound. The character is provided by textures, art and strokes of daring colors, such as yellow.

If the interior seems totally New York, the views are not for less. From the window we can see the Chelsea Market and the beginning of the High line, a old

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In this studio in the New York neighborhood of Chelsea, the bedroom, the living room and the study area share a room.

Open for vacations

Its owner, a fashion designer, travels constantly and rents her flat through the portal The house of my cousins.

Traveling accompanied

The predominant white, black and gray are energized with touches of yellow.

Go to the lounge

View of the living space from the bedroom.

Question of character

As the colors are sober, character with the textures and the art was contributed.

Be my guest

The sofa can become a bed.

Swell the elbows

Behind the access door, a transparent table goes unnoticed, but serves as a work area.

Full equipped

In the foreground, the bedroom dresser. In the background, the kitchen.

Minimalist bathroom

White brings luminosity and visually expands the bathroom.