From abandoned office to current floor

From abandoned office to current floor

Turn an abandoned office into a comfortable housing. This was the challenge faced by the architect Pablo Gómez Herrero, from Rez Estudio, in a building of the late nineteenth century, located in the heart of Madrid. When he received the order of this comprehensive reform, he found a space divided into two work rooms, two toilets and a warehouse. It was necessary to tear it all down to start from scratch.

Rez Estudio designed a modern and bright distribution, with open spaces. It was essential to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and gain clarity, since natural light is scarce as it is an interior floor. Despite having ceilings with more than four meters in height, it was preferred not to create heights and take advantage of this set of volumes to delimit environments. Its 95 m2 were organized in a common area, which combines living room, dining room and kitchen; two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry.

The oak flooring Covering the floor of the house is the only element that remains of the old office, although it was removed during the works to reinstall it after the reform.

The walls were painted in off white, except in the kitchen and bathrooms, where intense colors were chosen. As for the decoration, we opted for a timeless aesthetic with furniture of different times and styles. Also included were pieces that Rez Estudio specially designed for this house, such as the dining room bench, the lamp
from the living room, the headboard of one of the bedrooms, side tables or the desk in the work corner. These creations, together with a series of artistic photographs and well-chosen details, contribute to providing character and personality environments. In all of them, the wood of the furniture is allied with the range of red, green, blue and yellow to recreate warm and welcoming atmospheres.

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A serene and elegant blank backdrop was chosen, with which it was possible to increase the feeling of spaciousness, height and clarity.
This color is present not only in the walls, but also in textiles, carpentry and furniture.
Cactus figure, by Maisons du Monde

With a large common area

Living room, dining room and kitchen share the same
space. The rectangular plan led to the linear distribution of the environments, which follow one after the other with hardly any visual barriers.

Timeless style

In the living room, contemporary-style furniture was combined with design classics, such as the sculptural Noguchi coffee table, and pieces created specifically for this project.

Sofas, by Ikea and Kavehome. Ceiling lamp by Rez Estudio, inspired by the design Zettel'Z 5 from Ingo Maurer. Sideboard, by Maisons du Monde. Armchair, from Westwing.


Choose carefully the accessories that you will place on the sideboard. Combining different colors and materials will help you create a visually rich composition. Sideboard, from Maisons du Monde.

Cushions and carpet

If you decide to decorate the living area with two different sofas, create a bond with the cushions and a carpet in the same color range. Mix plain fabrics with different patterns to create a more striking space. Cushions by Kavehome. Carpet by Ikea

Vases with flowers

Distribute vases with flowers for different living room furniture. With one on the coffee table, another on an auxiliary furniture and a third on the sideboard, it will be enough to put a touch of color and freshness in the environment.

Visually delimited

In addition to decorating the living area and dining room with furniture of different styles and materials, brushstrokes of different colors were used to provide each environment with its own personality: green details in the first and red upholsteries in the second. Artistic photographs from the Yellowkorner gallery.

Work Solution

Kitchen and dining room became independent with a half-height partition, where the sink area was created. In addition, it was played with the color of furniture and coverings to further enhance that division.

Mesa, by Maisons du Monde. Chairs compass, by Kai Kristiansen for SVA Møbler. Banco, by Rez Estudio. The showcase is from Ikea.

Warm and cold tones

When it comes to enhancing the decoration in a room with the walls in a neutral range, it combines warm and cold tones. In this space four colors alternated - red, green, gray and blue - that harmonize with the wood of the furniture.

Color contrast

In the kitchen, the furniture lacquered in charcoal gray was combined with a synthetic countertop and glazed tiles in white. The floor was covered with ceramic tiles that mimic hydraulic mosaics.

Points of light

The lighting of this multifunctional space was solved with two rows of recessed spotlights on the kitchen ceiling, and with overhead lamps both in the living area and in the dining room.


Paintings, sculptures, photographs ... Whenever you can, acquire original works that bring personality to your home. You must find the right place for them to look and be admired.


Three identical design luminaires - polished brass and golden interior - were chosen, which were aligned centered on the table and provide a uniform light. Lamps Fatby Tom Dixon

In search of breadth

For the rooms and bathrooms, as in the rest of the house, light furniture was chosen visually as well as designs of rounded shapes that facilitate fluid circulation.

In the work area: table, by Rez Estudio. Silla, from the Tmobiliario firm. Striped rug by Ikea.

Study table

Keep the study table clear. If you want this environment to be integrated into another space of the house, control the order and avoid piling up objects that cloud the decoration.


To optimize the space, dispense with the traditional cabacero.Look for a design with little background or replace it with wallpaper, a wall mural or a fabric hanging from a bar.

Choose bedside tables that adapt to the available space. If there is hardly any gap between the walls and the bed, a shelf at the right height will be enough to leave your things.

If you put two sconces on both sides of
the bed, you will have more free support surface on the bedside table.

Decide on light tones to enhance the light and expand the space.

Good mix

White, yellow and blue brushstrokes mark the color range of one of the two bathrooms in the house. A very striking and attractive combination that was achieved with plastic paint, glazed tiles in the areas in contact with water and tiles with hydraulic effect.

Work zone

In the bathroom, white wall lights, by Maisons du Monde; mirror, by Ikea, and blade with flamenco, by Tiger Store.

Housing plan

Housing plan