Detox plan: How to recover from the holidays

Detox plan: How to recover from the holidays

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During the Christmas holidays the most common is to gain a couple of kilos, but instead of alarming you, the best tactic to return to your normal weight is to remedy it in and out of the kitchen, balancing the diet again and accompanying it with small doses of daily exercise, for example, go for a brisk walk.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 To start, drink water

Adequate hydration favors the elimination of toxins and prevents fluid retention. The experts of the NC Health Group recommend drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day, including infusions and broths. For them, the keys to every detox routine are:

1. Breakfasts with skimmed milk or of vegetable origin, whole wheat bread and fruit.

2. Avoid salt in large quantities or replace it with spices.

3. Take purifying foods, like celery, asparagus and especially artichokes, which improve liver function.

4. Do half an hour of exercise up to date.

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2 green leaf

The detox smoothies they owe their characteristic green color to vegetables with leaves in this tone.

Spinach, broccoli, chard and cabbage have purifying effects and contain potassium, folic acid and vitamins A and C.

Cups C'est Chaud, by Rivièra Maison, with double glazing (€ 11.95).


3 green juice Pinterest: Xabi Likes Chocolate

- 2 large heartless apples and chopped into quarters
- 150 g of fresh spinach washed (and chopped if necessary)
- The juice of a lime
- A large piece of peeled ginger

Get the full recipe here.

4 Red juice Pinterest: The Green Ladle

- 1 beet
- ¾ cup of raspberries and strawberries
- 1 reineta type apple or golden
- The juice of an orange
- A couple of large mint leaves
- 200 ml of water

Get the recipe here.

5 Strawberry smoothie, almond milk and chia seeds Pinterest: Lanuba

- 1 cup of strawberries
- 1 glass of almond milk
- 2 spoons of chia seeds

Get the recipe here.

6 The technique

Ideally, the blender will work under pressure to extract all the vitamins, minerals, fibers, phytonutrients and enzymes.

And that extraction is cold so that, by not releasing heat through the blades, food does not oxidize.

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7 Salmon and spinach roll Pinterest: Cooking With Little

- 450 g spinach
- 5 eggs
- 200 g smoked salmon
- Spring onion
- 250 g cheese spread
- Salt and pepper

Get the recipe here.

8 Quinoa Table Pinterest: Dance of Fogones

- 170 g of quinoa
- 500 g of water
- 50 g scallions
- 240 g of tomato
- 26 g of fresh mint
- 30 g parsley
- The juice of a lemon
- Extra virgin olive oil to taste (optional)

Get the recipe here.

9 Carbonara of avocado and zucchini Pinterest: Tasty Details

- 300 g whole wheat pasta
- 2 avocados
- 1 egg
- 1 zucchini
- 2 tablespoons oregano powder
- 1 pinch of cayenne powder (optional)
- 80 g Parmesan cheese
- Salt to taste
- Black pepper to taste

Get the recipe here.

10 Chicken and Spinach Burgers Pinterest: Cuuking!

- 500 g of chicken without skin, bones, or nerves
- 100 g spiced or sauteed spinach
- 1 clove garlic
- 1 onion
- 1 egg
- 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs
- Olive oil
- Salt

Get the recipe here.

11 Quinoa with apple and cinnamon Pinterest: Direct to the Palate

- 75 g quinoa
- 250 ml of low fat milk
- 15 ml vanilla extract
- 5 g ground cinnamon
- 1 apple golden
- 15 ml of honey

Get the recipe here.

12 suggestive vinyls

Dare to follow your detox plan with healthy messages.

Like this adhesive photo, with great visual impact. Its measurements: 141 x 85 cm (€ 59.93). In the web

13 Cup with filter

This model is made of heat resistant silicone. Easy to use and easy to clean.

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14 Ecoinfusion

Green Chai, from the firm Alma, is a combination of tea with spices, which protects the immune system (€ 5.78).

15 Choose the texture

The blender Philips Avance Collection Quick Clean, allows you to select the consistency of the juice, from clear up to 50% more fiber. Its technology facilitates cleaning.

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16 Induction motor

Its power presses to the maximum both hard foods, for example the pomegranate, as fibrous, type almond milk.

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17 Goodbye drip

Thanks to its anti-drip system, you will no longer have to clean the countertop after using the cold pressure blender LS-670, from Taurus. It includes two containers, for pulp and juice.

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18 Drenalimp cleanses the body

With artichoke, dandelion, lemon balm and bitter chamomile, it favors elimination and renal drainage. It is from Soria Natural.

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