An old renovated house with loft airs

An old renovated house with loft airs

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Located in the Madrid town of Navalcarnero, this old house -with a passage of cattle on its back- marked a before and after in the life of its owners, a young couple who wanted a home with outside space, whether it was a patio, terrace or garden, something difficult to find in the city. Encouraged by the tranquility of the town and the possibilities of the house, they commissioned the reform project to the Architecture and Interior Design Studio La Reina Obrera. The team was shocked to see the impressive glass front of the south facade that led to the old cattle crossing. Without a doubt, this would become the coveted garden.

The interior of the house -of 78 m2 and almost square floor-, It had 5-meter ceilings, which made it possible to divide into two plants. Enjoy the light and open spaces It was the watchword, so the idea of ​​loft took shape. The lower level now houses the living room, dining room and kitchen, intercommunicated. Separated from this open space were a room converted into a movie theater and the bathroom. On the upper floor the bedroom was distributed, with dressing room, and a study, both free of door. The furniture, functional and mostly wood, is a mixture of rough pieces with other design, rehabilitated or inherited. The particular treatment of space and light, and the presence of plants as an extension of the garden, are proof that the wishes of the owners were fulfilled. The house of his dreams was finally a reality.

Open spaces. Combining the philosophy of a loft with a glazed front that does not reduce the intimacy inside the home was achieved here by means of partitions (in the kitchen), lattices (lamas structure in the bedroom and in the dressing room), the tramex grid It separates the two levels and the furniture design. All this makes it possible for light to circulate freely throughout the house and allows you to enjoy the views of the outside garden. The Studio La Reina Obrera took advantage of the height of the ceilings to make a semi-plant, which does not fully cover the surface of the lower level, which reinforces the loft feel. Of note are also the successful designs of the studio, which perfectly unify the architectural project with that of interior design.

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Stars, from Deco & Living. Christmas wreath and tree, Los Peñotes.

Living room with views

Under the roof of wood and steel beams, the living area was located, next to the large window that overlooks the
yard. It was furnished with two facing sofas, separated by a low table, which invite rest and social gatherings. Sofas and carpet, by Ikea. Bank, of Haans LifeStyle. Rice paper balloons, from Habitat. On the nest tables, lamp of House & Garden.

Spaces that come to life

Dress the walls with unique compositions of lithographs, old photos and framed prints. Of those that, at the first glance, become
in the spotlight of all eyes.

Open to dining room

The living room shares space with the dining room and kitchen, installed in the background. After one of the sofas, a corner was used to create a work area.
Coffee table, nest tables and stools, from La Reina Obrera Studio. On the sofas, cushions of Gastón and Daniela and blanket in mohair, by Zara Home. Venetian, from Ikea. Curtains, Sapphire Decorations.

Bet on the original

Give your personal touch to the living room of your home with furniture that runs away from the standard, such as this coffee table so inspiring. Candles, from Zara Home. Vase, from Los Peñotes.

Mini office

Between two similar shelves there was a simple work area formed by a custom wooden table with easels and a chair. A suggestive XL sheet was hung on the wall, designed table and chair restored by the La Reina Obrera Studio. Old typewriter. Wooden star, from Los Peñotes.

A tall dining room

Next to the kitchen, open to the living room, a large wooden table was placed. Being located in the area of ​​greater height, to illuminate it a network of metal profiles was created that collects the wiring of the lamps suspended above it. In the background, the staircase that leads to the upper floor.
Mesa by Haans LifeStyle. Chairs, from El Atelier de Argensola. Ceiling lamp designed by the La Reina Obrera Studio. Table runner made with the Linsmore Check fabric by Colefax & Fowler, in Gastón and Daniela. Large vase with branches, for sale at Deco & Living.

Kitchen with breakfast bar

Homeowners like to cook and receive visits from friends; That is why they were raised an open kitchen, with breakfast bar, that would allow them to be in visual contact with their guests while they cook and enjoy the conversation and the relaxing views.Taburetes, by El Atelier de Argensola. Green linen napkins, from Deco & Living.

Natural compositions

Get inspired by nature to dress the dining room table with branches and centers based on apples, holly and nuts that bring color. Dishes and tray, from Zara Home. Ornaments, by Los Peñotes

Mix of sensations

In the kitchen white brings cleanliness, gray, elegance, wood, warmth and vintage accessories put the wink deco. Marble and wood cutting boards, Los Peñotes. On the bell, retro scale of family inheritance.

Work zone

Projected on wooden beams and steel grid, the upper floor is located on the other side of the bedroom, a multidisciplinary area that serves to work and relax. Chaise longue and work table, by Le Corbussier, for sale in Cassina. Sideboard and lamp designed by La Reina Obrera. Picture, by Francisca Cejudo. White Christmas tree from Los Peñotes. Carpet by Ikea.

In relax mode

Complete the work corner with elements that invite you to relax, to pause when necessary. A chaise longue where to meditate, a painting in which colors that transmit calm, such as the blue of the sea, or a fluffy carpet predominate.

Connecting bedroom

On the upper floor are the bedroom, the dressing room and the study where one of the members of the couple works. As in the lower level, everything is open. A panel of vertical slats fixed to the ceiling separates the bedroom from the studio. In addition, it acts as an original headboard and sifts natural light. Headboard-panel designed by Estudio La Reina Obrera and Diego Macarrón. Cushions, from Zara Home.

Special effects

The treatment of light is a constant in the house, not only the natural one that enters through the wide window but also the artificial one. The lamps orient their halos to the headboard of lamas which generates a very decorative effect of lights and shadows. Red, comfortable lamp and bedside table designed by La Reina Obrera. Bedding and tray, from Zara Home. Vichy cushions in black and white and wooden tree, by Deco & Living. Curtains, Sapphire Decorations.

Have a detail

Leaving a tray with a glass of water on the bedside table is a good habit. Or also an excellent track for breakfast to be brought to bed, at least on Sundays.

A bath of contrasts

Tiled in white from floor to ceiling, the bathroom has a horizontal mirror that, when covering a wall, expands the space. The pure white stands out on the brown ceramic floor and the black profile of the screen. Wooden tray, from Muji. Planters and plants, from Ikea.


The bathtub has a screen-printed glass enclosure, which favors privacy in the shower. It consists of a fixed sheet and two folding framed with black profiles. A platform and a wooden bench facilitate drying and prevent accidents when leaving the bathroom. Screen designed by the La Reina Obrera Studio. Towels and accessories, from Zara Home.

Ground floor plan

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

First floor plan