A different rural house in the heart of the Alcarria

A different rural house in the heart of the Alcarria

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Pablo Sarabia

Juan Solís and Olga Mediano lived in Los Angeles, where they worked, he as a character modeler for film and advertising and she as a doctor, and dreamed of having a house in a small town in the province of Guadalajara, where they came from. Therefore, when they returned to Spain they started the search until they found Alocén, a destination that fell in love with them "for how careful it was, how authentic it was and for its spectacular views of the Entrepeñas swamp" - Juan tells us.

The house, originally from 1920, was also a crush; it had been rehabilitated in 2008 as a little hotel and they transformed it into a rural accommodation with six rooms at the end of 2016; for this they made a reform that allowed them to adapt it to the needs of their new identity. The work focused on returning all the prominence to the original materials of the house and giving it the character of what it presumes today. The decoration was run entirely by the couple; Juan is a true artist and designed from the logo of the accommodation to the unique wooden keychains with the name of each room or the delicate screen printing of the glasses. “We do not follow a certain style -he explains- we mix the old, the new, the memories ...

The key to the atmosphere of Place du Port is the mix, the common thread is the natural enclave and the influence of the swamp. ”When asked about the origin of some of the objects that populate the different rooms, he tells us that they bought them in different places, mainly on the Internet, but there are also many memories that traveled with the family from England and U.S. Most, however, are recovered pieces, some even created by them, like several lamps that Juan has designed with skill and ingenuity, showing his good taste and his love for the authentic.

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The ground floor of one of the buildings houses a porch with kitchen; Thus, as the whole house is rented, barbecues and meals can be made outdoors without problems of space. Metal tables and chairs, type bistro, they combine white and blue, two colors very present in the decoration, as a nod to their name and seafaring inspiration.

Land Pablo Sarabia

In the large courtyard of the house, consisting of two buildings, there is a pleasant area that summarizes the charm of Place Du Port. Wood and stone combine perfectly and are animated with lanterns, plants and textiles in neutral tones. Simple and lovely

In perfect symmetry Pablo Sarabia

The bathrooms, very different, meet all the requirements to feel at home: shower or bath, towels and slippers, toiletries ... This stands out for its striking coverings and mosaics.

En suite Pablo Sarabia

All rooms are double and have their own bathroom. This is called Cruz del Sur and is chaired by a wonderful wrought iron canopy bed. On the ceiling, the pulley lamp is a design by Juan Solís. The bedrooms, six, are all located in one of the houses, three above and three below, and their names evoke marine and local scenes.

All different! Pablo Sarabia

Each room has its peculiarity. This, called El Capitan, overlooking the swamp, has a headboard in the form of a screen. The rest of the furniture, very simple, contrast with the wall, painted in indigo blue.

Sailor on land Pablo Sarabia

Surprising in an indoor accommodation, the coastal environment is very present in the decoration, in honor of the name of the house. The reason, the proximity of the swamp, which from Place du Port can be seen almost like a calm sea. The nod to the coast inspires this corner of the terrace of one of the bedrooms; in the background, the town hall clock, in the square.

In full detail Pablo Sarabia

The house, which preserves the original stone structure and the wooden beams, has been embellished with unique pieces. The retro bike with leather saddlebags welcomes us in the yard.

Garden of Lights Pablo Sarabia

The large patio has a glazed roof, which opens or closes depending on the outside temperature, and with shade candles. So you can enjoy this pleasant space during any time of the year. The house is composed of two houses, originally separated, one houses the common areas and the other, the bedrooms and a small cellar.

Designs with retro charm Pablo Sarabia

The household items are also very consistent with the vintage atmosphere of the house. In the courtyard, an attractive poster with typefaces invites the mojito in the mason jar jars.

All to the table! Pablo Sarabia

Up to twelve people can be accommodated in Place du Port, so the dining room should be generous. The table, designed by the owners, is composed of wooden slats and metal structure.

On the sideboard an original composition of photos and framed graphic work was made, which simulates the classic gallery of family snapshots of village houses. The old typewriter, or the collection of bottles add charm and personalize the space.

Welcome Pablo Sarabia

The exterior of the house, located in the center of the town, shows the classic Castilian architecture, with a wooden gate and stone wall. The name of the house, Place du Port, is labeled on the crossbar.

Meeting center Pablo Sarabia

On the first floor, on the porch, the living area with integrated kitchen and a large dining room are located, ideal for meeting on the coldest days.

Leather and metal sofa, by Maisons du Monde. Retro design refrigerator, from Smeg. On the wall, the logo design of the house was the work of Juan Solís, the owner of Place du Port.

Hidden pond Pablo Sarabia

Under the stairs, the sound of water betrays the existence of an attractive pond with goldfish. It is one of the charming corners of the courtyard, in which even the smallest decorative detail has been taken care of.

Land Pablo Sarabia

In the large courtyard of the house, consisting of two buildings, there is a pleasant area that summarizes the charm of Place Du Port. Wood and stone combine perfectly and are animated with lanterns, plants and textiles in neutral tones. Simple and lovely


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