A very summery attic

A very summery attic

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When the light of the Costa del Sol floods everything, it is easy to work. But the merit of the decorator of this attic, Arancha Esteve, has been to enhance that luminosity and create fresh environments in which the summer flavor is well present.

Natural materials, fresh textures, soft colors, a lot of white and a perfect balance make this floor the perfect place to enjoy the summer weather both inside and outside the home.

Decorator: Arancha Esteve
Photographs: Silvia Buján

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Arancha Esteve has managed to give character to this attic, located in Estepona, with simple furniture. The goal: create fresh but homely environments.

Living room and dining room in the same space

With abundant natural light, a dining room in which a large light bookshop occupies a front and houses the TV and other decorative objects.

Dining for many

A white table with an oval envelope and chairs in wood and fiber. Tradition and design in the dining room.

Detail of the dining room table and chair The lamp above the dining room

Fiber in the dining room chairs and in the ceiling lamp that hangs on the table.

The living area

In the living area, a black and white image of the sea simulates a window that overlooks the room.

Benches as a coffee table

As coffee tables two upholstered benches.

Very neutral tones

How much neutrality. Basic, the brightness of light tones. Soft, on top, some color notes.

Window-oriented sofas

View of the living area from the dining room, facing the window.

Textiles in blue tones

Detail of textiles in blue tones. Among the sofas, located in L, an auxiliary table with a table lamp and a vase.

Side table

An auxiliary table between the sofas.

Poufs to complete the seating area

A pair of fiber poufs or stools complete the seating area on a blue carpet that delimits the area.

Very natural notes in green

The green touch on the vases in the living room. This is located on a side table next to the dining room.

Two sofas in L A close look

Arrangement detail in green with sparks in red in the living vase.

A plus of simplicity Always blue

Blue tones to encourage the neutrality of the room.

Mix of materials

Mix of materials: on the carpet of geometric patterns a fiber pouf. The ground, also in neutral.

The terrace

Some benches with colored mats and cushions to mullir the hours outdoors.

Color notes in textiles

The cushions put the color note on the terrace, also in the range of greenish blues.

Tables and poufs on the terrace

A pair of blank metal side tables and a pair of fiber poufs finish off the simple but effective set.

Large outdoor seating area The light is the protagonist Very natural

Without artifice or complications. Just a quiet environment to enjoy.

Textile detail The warmth of natural tissues The bedroom

The bedroom maintains the same line as the rest of the decoration. Less is more.

All to the white

All white, just soft brushstrokes on the bed in the cushions and pillows.

With a wooden headboard

In another of the bedrooms, the wooden slatted headboard houses the bedside tables and the night lamps (two sconces fixed on the headboard).


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