6 Tricks to climb the January slope

6 Tricks to climb the January slope

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1. Plan the budget. It seems obvious, but it is not usual to keep track of domestic finances. It controls the monthly income and expenses and limits as much as possible unnecessary items of the latter.

2. Review all your bills. Set one day a month to count all receipts, especially those that are annual and subscriptions; In the latter case, unsubscribe from those you do not use and have open by pure inertia.

3. Compare products. It depends on where you buy them, they can be much more expensive. Internet is a good tool to make a comparison without leaving home.

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4. Try to save every month. At least 5% of the money that goes into the house. This way you will be able to face unexpected expenses without this implying a domestic catastrophe and having to ask for loans.

5. Beware of sales. Christmas excesses can also be extended in January and break a month "without extra pay." Buying only what is necessary and not being overwhelmed by consumerist fever is the solution.

6. And finally: Move to tupper You will spend little and eat healthier.

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