A very current renovated country house

A very current renovated country house

Located on land with a steep slope, this Barcelona two-storey chalet it now has splendid views of the sky and the sea thanks to the Reform of the architect Joan Arnau Farrás, from the Studio 05 AM Arquitectura. Before of the work access to the house it was done through a staircase that it ended on the main terrace; now, how the lounge is accessed directly, this terrace is released and gets privacy. Another fundamental change was undertaken in the interior of the ground floor by eliminating partitions to achieve a space as diaphanous as possible. In the classroom, by dispensing with hall and hallways, you get a large seating area With access to the kitchen and a study. The stairs lead to the bedrooms.

Coatings are another key to the project, due to its high decorative value. The white walls, in addition to enhancing the luminosity of the house, guide the gaze towards the outside; the oak parquet, with its wide slats, creates a feeling of greater breadth, and the smooth carpentry of DM gray, present in all environments, for the aesthetic and visual cohesion that it provides to all of them. The carpentry deserves a separate chapter in this reform. First for its functional design, which made it Two large sliding panels in the living room to fully independent kitchen and study when necessary. And secondly, because it prints a current style of decoration by integrating various elements, such as the TV cabinet with fireplace, the stairs with the study library and the kitchen cupboards with the doors of three adjoining spaces: pantry, toilet and laundry-clothesline.

On the top floor the architect applied the same logic present throughout the house. The bedrooms come together in a distributor that becomes useful space by integrating a compartmentalized bathroom. In the master bedroom, the rest area is separated from the dressing room by an element that integrates built-in wardrobes, and in the juvenile an independent studio was created.

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In the main hall is the white / black binomial, like the blue sky. The distribution of the furniture and the white walls make the exterior part of the interior. Sofa, Nuage armchair and coffee table, by Roche Bobois. Lu-Ink box, cushions and braided basket. Cowhide rug, from The Immaculate Conception.

A decoration with character

The coffee table with chess board and the cowhide rug are focal points for its contrast with the dominant white. The carpet also marks the transition between the living room and an adjoining room that is used as an office (see next page). The link between these two environments is carpentry, made in gray DM. Lamps, from Ikea. On the table, three horse heads, from Lu-Ink. Blanket, from Filocolore.

A large terrace with views

A whitish bamboo-covered pergola provides shade to this chill out-inspired terrace, where with benches, to sit or sit, and a couple of sun loungers, a pleasant area was created with several uses: social gatherings, rest and solarium. Sunbeds, from Habitat. Cushions: red and printed, by Lu-Ink; and lilacs, from Filocolore. Round braided fiber pouf and lanterns, from Ikea.

The lounge has a versatile distribution

The kitchen seems integrated in the living room, but it is an independent space, which is separated by a large sliding panel made of gray DM. However, it usually remains open to make the circulation more fluid and, at the same time, gain visual amplitude.

Visual continuity between the living room and the kitchen

Equipped with gray DM cabinets and white furniture, the kitchen maintains the color scheme of the living room. In addition, the oak flooring shared by the two environments enhances visual continuity. Kitchen designed by architect Joan Arnau, from the 05 AM Arquitectura studio. Stools, by Ikea.

The kitchen is decorated with pop details

In a clean environment like the kitchen, with walls painted in white, without tiling, a pop art poster focuses all the attention with an attractive mix of colors. Next to him, a window shows the slope next to the north facade of the house.

Functional distribution in the kitchen

The breadth of the kitchen allowed to have a large island, which houses the sink and large drawers. Central axis of the space, is a short distance from the cooking area and extends to a gray DM front that alternates closet doors with other access to a pantry with refrigerator, a toilet and a clothesline. Appliances, from Bosch. Synthetic countertop, from Silestone. Lilac stool, by Filocolore.

The multi-purpose island is the center of the kitchen

The island was projected as a multipurpose furniture with storage space and a large countertop, with a good part of its surface blown up for use as a breakfast bar. Next to it, a pillar covered with slate paint and a vertical radiator with magnets are used as panels to leave messages, the shopping list, the weekly menu ...

Youth bedroom

Divided into two zones: rest and study, with a half-body partition, the bed was placed under a roof window to enjoy the view of the sky. With full color textiles and a tangerine flexo, this immaculate environment was brought to life. Quilt, cushions and flexo, by Filocolore. Ikea desk.

Master bedroom with views

The decoration of the bedroom is in the background to give prominence to the landscape. Because of its contrast with white, inside it only highlights a wall painted in dark blue, with which so much light is nuanced. Ikea coffee table, lamp and coconut carpet. Bedspread and cushion mauve, from Filocolore. Printed cushion, by Lu-Ink. Sunbeds, from Habitat.

Bedroom with dressing room and bathroom

Designed as a suite by the architect, it is divided into three spaces. One of them, with a window, became a dressing room, with a dresser, a sink and a cabinet with mirrored doors.

Bathroom also with views

The bathroom of the master bedroom, next to the dressing room, is a volume that integrates shower, toilet and double-sided cabinets. And the third, with access to a terrace, is the rest area.


Solutions to consider:

- The decorative coherence of the project achieved with custom carpentry. With all the designs in lacquered DM, spaces of current aesthetics have been achieved. To emphasize: the integration in the furniture of the television of an open fireplace to two sides; the paneling of the walls, which allows to mimic the kitchen door with the walls of the living room and hide its large dimensions; and the paneling of the stairwell, which extends into a practical bookshop for the study.

- Chromatic harmony between living room and kitchen and the functional distribution of the latter. It is a multipurpose space, with an island that integrates a breakfast bar and a front that alternates cupboards with access doors to pantry, toilet and laundry.