A family apartment in Malaga

A family apartment in Malaga

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When the owners of this beautiful home - a Madrid couple - decided to establish their residence in Malaga, they looked for a quiet but well connected area, in full heart of the Costa de Sol. They found her in the locality of Arroyo de la Miel, a few kilometers from the Andalusian city. The floor of 100 m2 useful, belongs to the Myramar Tres urbanization, a closed enclosure with gardens, paddle tennis court and swimming pools. But what attracted them most were, without a doubt, the two magnificent terraces surrounding part of the house; Ideal scenarios to enjoy pleasant summer evenings with your friends. Precisely because they knew that visits from Madrid would be frequent, they decided to keep the original distribution of the apartment and not give up any of their four rooms.

They wanted a comfortable and functional home and, although they both love decoration, they preferred not to take risks and leave this job in the hands of professionals. They trusted the experience of Gabriel Perez Estrada, who knew how to capture the tastes of the couple in each and every one of the environments. The decorator took as a starting point the neutral coating background -painted walls in a soft cream color, and ceramic floors in the same range- to choose the fabrics and upholstery: plain designs or with discreet patterns in beige, toasted and white tones, to which he added orange, pink and purple brushstrokes. As for the furniture, current pieces were combined with others of oriental air, all wood in the same finish. By maintaining the same decorative premise throughout the house, in addition to achieving balanced and harmonious environments, it was possible to unify them visually. Only in the kitchen you can see a marked and attractive contrast of colors and materials, Since next to the cabinets laminated in beech, a dining area with dark wood furniture was located, matching the decoration of the rest of the house.

The bedrooms are very similar: the main one has a dressing area and its own bathroom; the other three were enabled as guest rooms, although one of them, the smallest, is also used as a living and study area. The decoration of the bathrooms is simple and discreet, but the materials used - noble woods, details in vegetal fiber and a stoneware that imitates cream travertine marble - give them a sober and elegant air.

Advertising - Keep reading below In the living room decoration

contemporary style furniture was combined with oriental pieces, such as the two tables. As for fabrics and upholstery, tones were sought that harmonized with the creamy color of the walls. For the sofa a discreet striped pattern was chosen, while the curtains were made with a plain design. Furniture and accessories, for sale in La Mandragora.

A design library

Grid chairs one of the fronts of the room. The arrangement of the furniture on both sides of the wall, allows the passage to the terrace. Wooden bookcase, from La Mandragora.

View of being with the dining room in the background.

The rectangular plan of the room determined the online location of the two environments. A small bench closes the room and marks the separation between one area and another without obstructing the passage.

In the kitchen, linear distribution

of the furniture and appliances allowed to locate on one of the fronts a dining area, consisting of an extendable table and two colonial-style chairs. Laminated beech cabinets, from Xey. Table and chairs, from La Mandragora.

The study

The choice of furniture - bed nest, desk, bedside table - is key in rooms that, like this one, are used as a study and sometimes become a guest room.

In the bathroom,

The bathroom was covered with a stoneware that imitates travertine marble. The sink was embedded in a flown countertop in which a towel rail was fixed. In the space that is free under it a fiber basket was placed for the dirty clothes.

The decoration of the master bedroom

It follows the same line as the rest of the house: colonial furniture, teak wood and vegetable fibers, natural fabrics in light tones, and oriental details and complements that give the environment a suggestive and attractive ethnic air. Furniture and bedding, from La Mandragora.

To the bedroom dressing area

It is accessed through a semicircular arch-shaped opening. Thus, the two environments communicate and visual amplitude is gained.

For the decoration of this bedroom

a teak headboard was chosen and, next to the bed, a dresser was placed, instead of the classic bedside table. A black leather chair was placed as a barefoot armchair. Furniture and bedding, for sale in La Mandragora.


The natural tones go very well with the colonial style; Encourage them with more intense colors like orange. From Titanlak: 1414 Ivory, 1473 Hazelnut and 1415 Orange.


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