AvoSeedo, the easiest way to grow an avocado at home

AvoSeedo, the easiest way to grow an avocado at home

Have you tried to sprout an avocado at home and have you never succeeded? Do not worry, we already have the solution for you to get it in just a few weeks. It's called AvoSeedo, it's a small piece of jagged plastic in the center and you can get it at Amazon for only 9.99 euros.


How is it used? You only need a tall glass container, preferably glass, to fill it with water and then place the AvoSeedo with the avocado seed. Thanks to the buoyancy of the material, you will ensure that the bone is always wet and that the roots sprout in the water with total freedom. It basically mimics the system that has been used throughout life by pricking the seed with chopsticks, but this one is much more comfortable and easy.

How long should you have the seed in the container?

From one to three months, changing the water every week. When the avocado bone germinates and the roots have enough consistency, you can transplant it into a pot.


Thanks to this fabulous piece, you will achieve your own avocado tree. However, remember that depending on the species you choose, the tree will take more or less to bear fruit. Be patient, as it can take up to 9 or 10 years to do so.

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