Before (during) and after a renovated house on the beach

Before (during) and after a renovated house on the beach

The house we visit today is a luxury. It is a luxury because you can have breakfast contemplating the sea, for its serene but colorful decoration, for its common spaces to enjoy with your family, for your bedroom with bathroom and dressing room en suite ... The responsible (and owner) of this jewel of 92 square meters is Laura Gill, reader of and interior designer, who explains that in the reform she has looked for "elements that would make her different, special, and that will last in time."

The house has access to two streets and, since it has a certain slope, it is divided into two levels. The main objective to renew it was to create more comfortable spaces and with a more fluid distribution. To do this, Laura opened the kitchen to the living room, creating a single room that both spaces share with the dining room. During the demolition necessary before giving the new form to the house, the interior designer discovered that the ceiling of the living room could rise and gain a lot in height, "which meant being able to place a large central chandelier from the Royal Glass Factory The Farm, "he explains. In the most private area also made changes, incorporating one of the bedrooms to the main room to create a suite with dressing room and a bathroom, that left open to have natural light, but that is perfectly defined thanks to the use of different floors and a double mirror that serves the sink and vanity.

Laura defines the decoration as eclectic, "Created for more than 20 years, which means that if one day you want to make changes, they will be imperceptible to the whole," he adds positively. He has mixed his own designs, such as the living room sofa or curtains, with antiques and recovered pieces, such as the headboard of the bed made with two old shutters from a demolition. The result is a good example of how you can start over keeping the spirit of the past and have a very promising present and future ahead.

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On the Costa Brava we find the refuge of our reader Laura Gill, an interior designer by profession.


The main change that occurred was the opening of the kitchen to the living room. The sofa is a design by Laura Gill, the bar-trunk is from Mercantic, the paintings are by the painter Monica Cuen, the lamp of the Royal Factory and the scuba and other details come from the Graña Brothers, from Vigo. "The main door and the furniture of the living room with its shelves, are made of pieces of oak and are of Anticuari Jaume Rocamora".

Faithful reflex

The mirror door is by Anticuari Jaume Rocamora.

Different zones

The different areas of the shared space were delimited with the ground, "for this it has been played with hydraulic tiles (from Pinar Miró, Seville), at the same time that the eating and kitchen area with wooden beams has been highlighted," he explains.

Gallery of curiosities

Under the stairs, other curious items like an old telephone.

Dinning room

The foot of the table is a Burlington radiator with its original stopcocks.

Green leather

The chairs in the English-style dining room are by Francisco Segarra.

Turn red

In the open kitchen, Santos furniture in bright red and Smeg appliances.

Wash and store

"Just below the guest room and with access from the kitchen is this space. The laundry room and pantry have been located in it," explains Laura.

Great capacity

This space was created to take advantage of the gap and clear the kitchen more.

suite room

With dressing room and open bathrooms. The headboard of the bed is manufactured with two shutters of slats recovered from demolition material. The bedside tables and wall light sconces are antique.

All open

The mixture of the wooden floor with the hydraulic tile on the floor, and the glazed tile on the bathroom wall makes each area clearly differentiated without the need for enclosures. Sanitation is from Roca.

The washbasin cabinet and dressing closet are made of pine wood, also custom made by Anticuari Jaume Rocamora.

Open dressing room

A bedroom was incorporated to create this space.

Custom suit

The closet was custom made with pine wood. The low furniture that serves as a shoemaker is from Mercantic.

A mirror hung on the double-sided ceiling has also been used as a separation from the bathroom to the bedroom, which has allowed an old dressing table to be placed on the other side of the sink, thus creating two spaces that do not interfere with each other.

Guest room

"Being a small room with a low ceiling, it has been chosen to cover it all with wooden flooring and at the same time make a 12 cm parquet that serves as a bed base. Thus the mattresses have been placed directly on top, losing the minimum of height. And to give it breadth, windows recovered with mirrors have been used as a headboard, "explains Laura.

Courtesy bathroom

"The courtesy bathroom has also been completely refurbished. Being small and conditioned by the downspouts, the measures of the shower and the furniture had to be calculated very well," he says.

Green tiles

The mirror, the light fixture and the washbasin cabinet come from antique dealers. It has been used, as in the rest of the house, hydraulic tile and glazed tile in the shower.

Sea view

The exit to the terrace from the living room.

Framed sea Summer dining On the rocks Before: the lounge Before: the kitchen Before: access to the pantry Before: the pantry Before: master bedroom Before: third bedroom

The main one was extended by installing the dressing room in it.

Before: the bathroom Before: the main bathroom Before: the main bathroom Before: guest room During the play Knocking down partitions On foot Creating the new roof A new life The dressing room during the play Lifting the new partitions The comeodr in works