Stay in this hobbit house for the most cozy holiday

Stay in this hobbit house for the most cozy holiday

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On the windy side of the Columbia River mountain George discovered this house literally tucked into the ground. It is known as the small house of the Region and it is essentially a "hobbit hole" built by its owner, Kristie Wolf, who dug into the mountainside and used wood and plywood to achieve rounded and domed shapes.

As you enter through the round main door (adorable) you will discover a stone fireplace that captures all eyes. Next, a large bed in a rustic setting is the nerve center to get warm and relax until the fire goes out. Another option? Fill the bathtub for bubbly bath after a day exploring the mountains.

If you want to live the experience, the "hole" can accommodate two people and costs $ 200 per night. But surely most of the Lord of the Rings fans will find it a bargain to live one night in their favorite movie. And animal lovers will love it too, since Wolf says that most of the neighbors are deer, rabbits and birds.

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