7 lofts full of positive energy

7 lofts full of positive energy

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In Ruzafa, the most effervescent district of the Valencian Ensanche, an old building has been reborn into seven open-plan apartments available for rent for short (or not so short) stays. Already from the entrance, where we receive a large format graffiti, we can perceive what awaits us in every corner of its interior: good vibes, open and well connected spaces, comfort and common areas to share.

Each of the homes (fully equipped and with capacity for up to four people) has been decorated and distributed in a different way, but they all share the same urban and practical style, with multipurpose furniture, folding or made with recycled materials and with motivational messages written on its walls by an artist of spray.

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Seven are the lofts that houses a completely renovated Ruzafa building.

Home sweet home

We can find this message written with spray on one of the walls of this apartment.

Fully equipped

All apartments have their own bathroom.

Raise the level

Taking advantage of the height of the ceilings, another room has been placed in a mezzanine, multiplying the square meters.


Its owners were inspired by the New York and urban style to decorate it.

Color brush strokes

Although white is the protagonist, furniture and accessories bring color.


Some pieces of furniture have been made from recovered pieces, such as this side table based on a bottle box.

All in one

Within the same shared space we can identify several areas: bedroom, dining room, reading area ...

Red and white

The colors that predominate in their bathrooms.

Carpe Diem

In every corner we find a detail charged with positive energy.


On some floors, part of the brick has been exposed.

Privileged place

They are located between the neighborhood of Ruzafa and the City of Sciences, a few minutes from the city center and the old town.


A wooden staircase leads to the loft.


Another of the bathrooms of one of the loft.


Gray and red on white stand out on this floor.

Seven to choose from

View of another floor.

I feel good today

One of the positive graffiti on the walls.

Washing and ironing

They have laundry.


At the entrance we receive a large format graffiti.

Life in common

View of the common courtyard.


The facade before the reform.


View of the interior before being renovated.


View of the interior before being renovated.


View of the interior before being renovated.


The inner courtyard before reforming.


The inner courtyard before reforming.


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