Meghan Markle and Harry premiere TV show

Meghan Markle and Harry premiere TV show

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The Dukes of Sussex like to take care of themselves, not only because they are about to have their first child, but because they know firsthand that it is essential to lead a full life.

In fact, mental health is such a priority and relevant issue for the couple, that next year they will release a documentary series, in the company of the iconic Oprah Winfrey, where they will address the various diseases and ways to maintain optimal mental health. All this, and in turn, in an effort to fight against the stigma of suffering any type of pathology of this kind.

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"Our hope is that this series is positive, enlightening and inclusive; sharing stories of how the human spirit is able to fight from the darkest places; in addition to providing the opportunity for us to better understand ourselves and those around us," Prince Harry declared.

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But the concern for mental health is something that Meghan Markle and Harry are far away. The prince spoke in The Telegraph in 2017 about his decision to seek psychological help 20 years after his mother's death.

That same year, along with the Dukes of Cambridge, he also launched Heads Together, a UK organization that supports mental health programs for students, veterans and more people across the country.

Meghan, on the other hand, grew up practicing yoga, and dedicates a little time each day to Vedic meditation (simple and ideal for beginners who want to learn to calm their minds as soon as possible).

To see the program, which will be broadcast on the Apple platform, there are still several months left, but in the meantime, we leave you our tips For a healthy life:


More than 2/3 of the body are composed of water. Consuming the right amount of water every day helps detoxify the body, regulate our temperature, transport nutrients and maintain our alertness and vitality levels.

There are indispensable water glasses: after getting up, to put the body into operation; half an hour before eating to help digestion; before taking a bath to lower blood pressure and before exercising (studies show that a glass of very cold water before can improve resistance up to 23%).

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No miracle diets. The important thing is to maintain a constant healthy diet. The food mindfulness It does not only refer to what we eat, but how we do it. Avoid eating when you are distracted, eat slowly and take time to taste the food (thus helping the proper digestion of food).

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Exercising on a daily basis is a fundamental task, beneficial for the body and head. How to start from scratch? Stretch your back, neck and legs every morning; walking half an hour a day at a rapid pace and set weekly exercise goals for greater flexibility.

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What are the introduction steps to healthy eating? Among other things, consume fruit with high nutritional content (watermelon, apricot, apple or tropical fruits); choose the most colorful vegetables for their high antioxidant power; and sign up for “without” trends, such as lactose free, to enjoy lighter digestions. Trick: Take advantage of the spring-summer season for its high variety of vegetables and fresh and exotic fruit.

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Simple, but true, and 100% linked to the theme of celebrating World Health Day during 2016. According to the American Heart Association, those who eat breakfast are significantly less likely to develop obesity or diabetes than those who do not eat breakfast. The reason: it helps to satiate the body and reduces the urge to consume foods high in carbohydrates and fat but few vitamins.

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