A London house dedicated to body and soul art

A London house dedicated to body and soul art

Daniella Cesarei

Athough it does not seems, This three-story house located in the city of London was built in 1870. A challenge for the Play Associates Interior Design Studio, which was responsible for transform this traditional house into a new bright and open space, adapted to modern times.

Behind the facade of classic dyes, the interior of the house became a kind of art gallery, thanks to the large skylights that were placed on the back roof. One of them is two and a half meters long, and lacks a frame, so when you look up it seems that the house has no end.

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On the other hand, the roofs of the ground floor are now three meters high. This, together with the addition of an open staircase, brings a lot of light to the space.

Daniella Cesarei

The materials used are committed to a neutral and textured range. The exposed brick walls inside (painted in white and gray) were kept, all the woods were washed, a custom kitchen of the same color was designed as the walls (Farrow + Ball in tone Ammonite), and linen curtains and blinds were placed everywhere.

To add contrast and dress the walls, striking works of art were arranged Anne Hardy, Marilyn Minter, Edward Burtnynsky, Andy Warhol, Mark Quinn, Tanya Ling, David Dowton and Sergio de Castro throughout the house.

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The kitchen, located on the main floor, has a marble front and a breakfast bar with stools for day to day. And right next to him, a cozy dining room with a glass table for formal meals.

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Already on the first floor there are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a study. The master bedroom with en suite bathroom is located on the top floor, with the plus that involves the entry of natural light.

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