Show off your vases and create beautiful compositions with flowers

Show off your vases and create beautiful compositions with flowers

Choose the shape and color that you like and give to vase the leadership He deserves.

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By themselves, they are already a decorative element, but if you accompany them with flowers, their beautifying effect multiplies. Choose tall models and curved opening, for tall and thin stems, and low and rounded or rectangular specimens for short stems.

Extra space

Take advantage of the window sill to expose your vases. If you choose colored glass models, its reflected light will fill your stay with warmth. Ideally, do not be too tall, or too much, not to reduce amplitude and room views. Rice

Florid kitchens

Let vases and flowers invade the entire room. Aromatic plants, cacti, small pots ... And if you have a mini office, accompany your vase with a bouquet in an auxiliary piece of furniture, not at the table, so as not to hinder diners. Laura Ashley.


The glass ones are elegant and delicate, perfect to lighten the decoration. The mud ones are perfect for rustic environments, while the porcelain ones convey distinction and alone they can fill any corner of the house. This vase is from Villeroy & Boch.

Good companies

Thanks to its variety of styles, it is very easy to combine with other elements. Join it with some candles and you will have a cozy space, place them on a tray, you will give unity to the set or fill them with stones and you will enjoy a rustic space. Parlane.

Size does matter

Its location will depend on its dimensions. The big ones, in ample spaces on tables, comfortable or on the floor. The little ones, in bookstores, bedside tables or next to others creating a composition. This atmosphere, by Car Möbel.

Throw your imagination

If you are not convinced by any model you have at home, improvise your own vase. You can paint it, decorate it with threads, wool, labels, ropes ... You can also use pretty bottles or kitchen jars. All these, from House Doctor.

In search of unity

When creating an attractive and coordinated composition with vases, play with heights, sizes and shapes, but always look for a common point such as color or belonging to the same collection, such as the Kyoto set, by Parlane.