What do millennials value when buying a house?

What do millennials value when buying a house?

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Yes, like most young people, I live for rent, but if I had the opportunity to buy my own house (and I don't mean an apartment, but a real home away from urban chaos), I wouldn't think for a second. Because if you are clear that yours is not nomadic life, and you feel comfortable in the city where you are; or if you have a partner and plans for the future, there is no feeling that it brings more calm than knowing that your house is yours. But… what do they value millennials When choosing the home of your dreams?

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According to a study by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, one of the elements that most condition millennials when buying is having an outdoor space and, surprisingly enough, the quality of the lawn is also looked at. And is that the possibility of living outdoors seems to be one of the biggest attractions when considering buying a house for this generation.

No matter what the usual weather, because there are endless options to enjoy the environment: from gazebos, tents or greenhouses, to authentic corners chill out decorated with everything you need to relax in the fresh air. But of course, if the grass is not in condition, the thing changes ...

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In fact, one of the ideas that I hear most lately among my circle of friends (and that I ask myself), is that of Acquire building land, and buy a prefabricated house.

The motives? Apart from economic savings, the concern to lead a sustainable life, and prioritize quality over quantity. Because after all, who needs so many square meters to be happy? Personally, I prefer to have a house of modest size, that covers my basic needs, and that frees me from the slavery of cleaning and maintaining astronomical light and heating rates, and enjoy the fresh air every time I open the door.


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