Do you know Wakana? We speak with Julia Catalán, the founder of this space for retreats

Do you know Wakana? We speak with Julia Catalán, the founder of this space for retreats

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Miriam Yeleq

Julia Catalán is the founder and promoter of Wakana, an experiential space in Los Alcornocales Park, in Cádiz. It organizes celebrations, retreats, camps and a musical event. We talked to her about how Wakana originated and what she is preparing for the next edition.

When is celebrated?
The second edition will take place from May 17 to 19. In Wakana Reunion flows art and, of course, music, always from respect for nature. The idea is to encourage communication so that you can come home with new friends and full of experiences. Last year there were a thousand attendees, of thirty different nationalities.

How did the name come about?
In the middle of a brainstorming family. In Japanese, wa it's harmony and kana create music. And for the Siux Indians, wakana It means sacred.

What differentiates you from other types of festivals?
You wake up in the morning and you can do yoga, take a kayak to go to the islands or jump into a zip line. We also have a fair trade market, very special gastro options, you never find queues and things happen like drinking a beer with one of the interpreters involved. We mix art with organic electronic music, which connects with people.

Pablo Sarabia

How is the accommodation organized?
We have yurts, tipis and a cortijo, which serves as the artists' house. It is mandatory that the bands that make up the cartel stay for three days so that synergies can arise between them.

What are the objectives?
Create an experience for a target that needed it. We would like it to be an annual meeting where we can meet again. The average age of the attendees is 30 years, including families with children. Therefore, in this edition we have created a new Kids area

Why is this place special?
Has a lot of energy. There are Neolithic paintings, five dolmens, Phoenician tombs and hundreds of birds nest. Also, here lives our cow Waka, who thinks he is a dog!

Your best moment here is ...
The sunset and the dawn, when the rays wake me up inside the yurt. Sometimes, I hear the bellowing and observe the full moon reflected in the lake.

Pablo Sarabia

You travel a lot, do you like it?
My mother got me on a plane with 9 years and I have not stopped. When he turned 20 he had already visited the five continents.

What are you passionate about?The photograph, shot with the camera since childhood. It is a discipline that is closely linked to the career I have studied, psychology.